Tiny Tots Class Trial


For brand new tots ages 3-4yrs

Introduce your Tiny Tot to Irish dancing with Western Canada's most successful Irish dance studio!
Perfect for kids age 3-4yrs.
Try our no-obligation Tiny Tots 4 Class Trial now for only $65+GST.

What will I learn? Dancers will be introduced to the basics of Irish dance through a variety of fun exercises, games and drills. They even learn a bit of Irish language!

What do I need? Nothing you won't already have! Brand new beginners wear a t-shirt and pair of shorts– of their choice. Acceptable footwear are socks, running shoes, or ballet slippers if you already have a pair... and don't forget a water bottle!

When can I start? You can start your trial on the first Thursday of any month, September to June. The Tiny Tots class runs 5:30pm to 6pm at the Mattierin Studios.

"We appreciate the Bell family for everything they have done and continue to do in order to spread their love of dance. I see it in my kids and I hope it lasts forever.
What an amazing place to be!