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Read the many testimonials from our Muffins - past and present, and the parents of the Mattierin School of Irish Dance.

"Mattierin isn’t only a dance studio, it’s a family you are welcomed into. Over the years I was there, I learnt discipline & how to carry myself with maturity at a young age. The Bell family goes above and beyond to help their students succeed, without them I wouldn’t have had the success I did. I’m grateful everyday for the dance experience and family I had, I have lifelong friends now because of Mattierin. ❤️ "
Ceili D.
You won’t find a school more invested in their dancers . Outstanding direction from dedicated instructors. If you are looking for a school who will work as hard as you do to achieve your goals then Mattierin School of Irish dance is where you should be.
Liana N.
"From day one Mattierin has offered nothing but support towards me. The teachers have challenged me to be better than I ever thought was possible. Everyday I am grateful for this opportunity to grow and compete in such an amazing community. It has truly changed my life.”
Siobhan T.
"I danced with Mattierin for 10 years, and it created the bulk of my memories and activities of my childhood and adolescence. Competing at the national and world level taught me teamwork, sportsmanship and perseverance. There are countless life lessons and memories I hold dear from dancing at Mattierin. Being a part of Mattierin is about more than dancing; I created lifelong friendships, a love for music, and it instilled a work ethic I rely on to this day. Mattierin is family."
Grace L.
"Mattierin has been not only a thriving dance school but also a place where passion and dreams are nurtured. Their teachers, Patti, Merv, Rebecca and Jessica gave me the supportive foundation I needed to have the courage to pursue my goals. I look back at my time there with pride, gratitude and fond memories. Mattierin promotes confidence, creativity, love and excellence through its teachers, and the professional manner they use in all they do. Mattierin has helped me grow into who I am today and I am so proud to have been a part of their school. The teachers truly care about each and every one of their dancers and all are encouraged to reach their full potential. I would often travel overseas with my teachers for competitions and they treated me like family. I love them so dearly and will forever be grateful for all they helped me achieve! "
Ava-Marie S.
I love Mattierin because of all of the opportunities they have given me to improve my dancing and perform all around the world. They have taught me so much, and I am proud to be a Mattierin Muffin.
Tara M.
"Mattierin has encouraged and supported our daughters growth in Irish dance since she was five years of age. Now at the age of 10, her love for Irish dance has only grown and higher goals have been set! Thank You Mattierin.”
Angela W-B.
"We were fortunate to join Mattierin years ago and have never looked back. They have created a supportive and family oriented atmosphere. Their outstanding teachers and choreography truly make Mattierin unique. From the competitions to the performances, my children have been given opportunities and taught skills that will benefit them not only in dance but for their lives going forward. We appreciate the Bell family for everything they have done and continue to do in order to spread their love of dance. I see it in my kids and I hope it lasts forever. What an amazing place to be!"
Kathryn T.
"Mattierin has taught my daughter valuable lessons beyond just dance steps. Her determination and confidence have grown with the encouragement of the Bells, and the school has given her wonderful opportunities to perform. "
Erie M.
"Mattierin is more than just a dance school it’s an amazing place full of hard work, fun times and so much more. The Bells are always there for our kids no matter what. When our kids compete they are there every-time. Having that level of support is immeasurable."
Kim G.

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