About Us


Mattierin Irish Dance has been established in Edmonton since 1993.

The school is under the direction of Merv Bell, Patti Bell, Jessica Bell and Rebecca Bell. Mattierin Irish Dance offers high-level competitive programs. 

Dancers of the school in the competitive programs compete in both teams and solos at the World Championship level while doing many performances throughout the year. At Mattierin Irish Dance, our dancers strive to and achieve success that provide them with the skills needed to compete and perform at their highest level. Students of the school compete in both teams and solos. 

A world champion irish dancer on stage mid dance.A cute little girl learning to Irish dance in Edmonton with Mattierin Irish Dance

What We Do

Our curriculum consists of learning the traditional art form of Irish dance through basics and proper technique.

From a young age, we begin teaching dancers proper turnout and technique through strengthening exercises and stretches. A portion of our classes are dedicated to things such as barre work. The integration of these tools start in our youngest programs as we feel it is important for dancers to learn about their bodies and how to properly train and take care of them. 

“They always celebrate each and every students accomplishments no matter what they are. This is more than a school, it's family!”

Are you ready to Irish dance with Mattierin?