Irish Dance Summer Camp 2023

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Mattierin Summer Camp 2023 | Aug 28 - Sept 1

Learn to Irish dance!

Learn to Irish dance and have fun with Mattierin - Edmonton's most successful Irish dance school! Open to youth ages 3+, and no experience necessary.

The 2023 Irish Dance Summer Camp runs Aug 28 - Sept 1, from 8:30am to 11:30am at 4005 115 Ave NW, Edmonton.

Sign up below for the full week or purchase drop-in day passes today!

What will I learn? Dancers will be introduced to the basics of Irish dance through a variety of fun exercises, games and drills. hey even learn a bit of Irish language! Weather permitting, dancers will even enjoy time learning and having fun outdoors.

What do I need? Nothing you won't already have! Brand new beginners wear a t-shirt and pair of shorts– of their choice. Acceptable footwear are socks, running shoes, or ballet slippers if you already have a pair... and don't forget a water bottle and a some snacks!

Where can I sign up? To keep it easy, you can register online below today. Choose from the full week of camp for $237.50 + GST, or purchase some drop in passes for $55/day.

2023 Mattierin Irish Dance Summer Camp Registration

"We appreciate the Bell family for everything they have done and continue to do in order to spread their love of dance. I see it in my kids and I hope it lasts forever. What an amazing place to be!"